Ravenclaws! – I Thought I Saw A Sandwich In That Talking Hat…

Ravenclaws! by Raffiti

When Doctor Zoidberg isn’t snipping off someone’s hand or exploring their chest cavity in case they have a sandwich hidden in there he’s reading books, and his new favorite is a spellbinding series about a boy named Harry. Zoidberg loves those old HP books so much he devoured the entire series- and then he had to go buy them all back because he wasn’t finished reading the second book! The books made him think about where he fit in to society, and what he hoped to accomplish once Planet Express inevitably closed down for good, so he decided to sort himself out. He grabbed one of Scruffy’s old hats and threw a bunch of cards in there, each one representing a Hogwarts house, and do you know which one he drew? Slitherin, naturally, but seeing as how he’s deathly afraid of snakes he decided to draw again and got Ravenclaw! You get it, because he has claws? Aw, it was a really bad joke anyways, just like Zoidberg!

Help the Zoidbergs you know sort out which house they belong to with this Ravenclaws! t-shirt by Raffiti, it’s a magical way to declare you’re a Futuramanaut and a Potterhead with one shirt!

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