3 Signs You Will Be Fine (Even If You Don’t Feel Fine Right Now)

You start your day, and you’re immediately worried about all the things on your plate, all the things you have to do, and all the people you will see.

You’re anxious about what other people – family, friends, colleagues and strangers alike – might think of you.  You pass people on the street and, without even realizing it, you worry about how you look in their eyes.

You worry about your responsibilities at work (emails, meetings, paperwork, etc.), and all the obligations you have in your personal life (family, meals, bills, etc.).  And you have this constant aching feeling that you’re not doing enough… that you’re not as good as you ‘should’ be, and you never will be.

You worry about how you compare to other people, about how far behind you are, about (more…)

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