Servbot Slashers – The Only 41 Player Team In The League

Servbot Slashers byArt of Jaime Ugarte

Servbots don’t look like anything special, and their cutesy look certainly doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of mega men, but put a hockey stick in their hands (clamps?) and drop a puck and you’ll see them shine. It seems their creator Tron Bonne was a huge hockey fan, and Tron initially made the Servbots so they would play hockey all day for his amusement, but when she discovered they also made awesome henchbots she started putting them to work to serve the Bonne family’s semi-wicked needs. Now the Servbots have nothing but this t-shirt and some great memories to remind them of their days on the ice…

Gear up for fun with this Servbot Slashers t-shirt by Art of Jaime Ugarte, it’s the cool way to show love for your favorite sport and your favorite game series at the same time!

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