Photo Of Dog Wearing Pants Settles The Internet’s Greatest Debate

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It’s a question nearly as age long as which came first the chicken or the egg or if a tree falls in the woods, and the debate still rages on- how would a dog wear pants? On all four of its legs and half its body or just on the back legs?

This topic has been discussed online quite a bit, and the debate heated up again when writer Jared Keller posted this meme on Twitter:

When asked 81 percent of people thought the two legged style seemed best, but then a few weeks ago Jared was finally able to put the debate to bed when he spotted a dog IRL wearing pants.

Four legged style it is, folks! And in case you couldn’t see the dog pants well enough in that pic here’s a closer shot of a different dog wearing the same pants:

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-Via Daily Dot

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