Medical School Approves 3rd Year Surgical Rotation as Indication for Foley

Iowa City, IA – Carver College of Medicine has taken a bold stance on the need for catheterization to prevent recurrent AKI in 3rd year medical students on their surgical rotations. Now any student that identifies as Type-A can have an elective catheterization during their surgical rotation. The move was made to help combat the ED utilization of med students needing supportive therapy for their self-induced AKI.

“Surgery is becoming a very competitive field, especially Ortho, those guys expect you to use a stethoscope now-a-days…this policy gives us a much better chance at showing off our knot tying skills without having to worry about our I/Os,” Daniel Carver, a 3rd year orthopedic surgery hopeful, told Gomerblog.

Several attending surgeons were asked about their stance on the recent decision and the possible rise in UTIs. “Worst case scenario these kids can just go see ID if Keflex doesn’t work. I need them in the OR as much as possible…smoke doesn’t suck itself,” Mack Lyndsey, MD informed Gomerblog’s reporter.

“I’ve had friends go on temporary dialysis after observing a Whipple procedure,” explained Jane Cutty, 3rd year general surgery hopeful, “I’m thankful our med school takes this so seriously.”

“This is a terrible idea,” Dr. Greg Young, Infectious Disease at Carver College, commented, “…but we could use the business.”




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