25 Things It’s Impossible To Un-Notice Once You Notice Them

When you’re going about your day, there are some things that you just ignore. You probably see them every day, but it doesn’t make any difference. You don’t remember them. Then there are those things that you just can’t seem to forget no matter how hard you try. These are 25 Things It’s Impossible To Un-Notice Once You Notice Them!

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Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have eyebrows.

Laugh tracks


Peoples’ eyes are in the middle of their head (halfway between the chin and the top of the head).

faceImage: pixabay (public domain; modified by author)

Stephen Colbert is missing part of an ear.

stephen colbert

In every scene of Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt is eating something.

brad pitt

The cracking sound behind your ears whenever you swallow


You can see your nose. Your brain just edits it out so that you don’t always have a big nose in your line of sight.

noseImage: (public domain)

lol looks like a drowning person


The arrow in the FedEx logo

fedexImage: (public domain)

The KFC logo is a big head and a tiny body. (Look at the tie!)


Your watch/clock ticking

clocksImage: (public domain)

The same “What’s up guys!” introduction in every youtube video ever. Other possibilities include “it’s ya boi” and “______ here!”

youtubeImage: (public domain)

Neil Armstrong’s name in reverse is “Gnorts, Mr. Alien.”

neil armstrongImage: (public domain)

Cartoon characters usually only have three fingers and a thumb

cartoonImage: (public domain)

Upspeak (For those of you that don’t know, this is when somebody raises the pitch of their voice at the end of every sentence, almost as though everything is a question. It’s usually associated with valley girl or valleyspeak.)


Chris Brown’s lisp

chris brown

The guy on the BIC logo looks like he’s stealing a pen.


People who chew loudly


Changeover dots in the cinema. Every 20 minutes or so, a black dot will appear in the bottom of the movie screen followed by another black dot 10 seconds later. These are so that the projectionist can switch projectors and keep the movie screen lined up.


The way people open their eyes really wide when they go for a big bite of something

big eyes

Forgetting to remove the cursor from the screen when watching a movie. At first you don’t notice it, but when you do…

pointerImage: (public domain)

Singers gasping for breath in a song

bandImage: (public domain)

When a presenter keeps saying “um”


Squeaky shoes during a basketball game

basketballImage: (public domain)

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