I’m Not Playing Nice with Donald Trump

A week ago, the United States of America reminded the world that is has a lot of stupid people in it. And a lot of people who would put their race over their genders because they’ve internalized patriarchy. And a lot of people who are raging racists. And a lot of people would totally put a toddler at the wheel of an 18-wheeler.

President Obama’s face is all our faces.

In the past week, we’ve seen the Trump Effect spread, as people reported getting slurs thrown at them, being spat on, and even jumped. Swastikas are being painted on sidewalks. Because we’re now living in Trump America, where the president elect himself is a couthless dustbucket, thereby setting a precarious example for a people who are already far too impressionable.

But what has been fascinating has been how the media and some notables have done a 180 turn and went from being fearful of Trump to now trying to normalize him. Folks are being all forgiving of his campaign this last 18 months, which ran on a platform of intolerance, ignorance and hate-mongering. Now, folks are all “hey let’s give him a chance.” Even Dave Chapelle ended his SNL monologue on that call to action.

GIVE WHAT A CHANCE??? That piss-flavored cotton candy wig wearing shrew?? Did we forget all of a sudden how fucked up that man is? The grabbing of pussies was just a month ago. His court case for fraud is upcoming.


And as Trump has started to soften some of his wild ass stances, people are like “well maybe he won’t be so bad afterall.” Ummmm… the man just named Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. That’s the dude who ran Breitbart for a long time. He is horrific and anti anyone who isn’t a straight, white man. Soooooo yeah. FUCK THAT.

PLUS his VP is Mike Pence, who is so homophobic that I hope he is haunted by rainbows in his sleep.

Anywho, I went on a Twitter rant about this that captured my feels. It is below. The point is: I AM NOT PLAYING NICE WITH DONALD TRUMP.

America, I’m Judging You. I didn’t think you’d be helping me write part 2 of my book so soon. But here we are. On the dawn of a new day.

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