Teenage Mutant Ninja Tubbies – Aren’t You A Bit Tubby To Be A Ninja?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tubbies by Akiwa

They’re not the most popular group of mutant ninjas with kids ages 8 to 18, but those teenage tubbies are a real big hit with the preschool and kindergarten crowds, who are mesmerized by their acrobatic moves and jiggly bellies. And unlike those fast talking turtles these tubbies speak slowly and use simple language the tiny tots can understand, making them the characters little tykes look up to the most. But therein lies the problem, because parents aren’t too happy about their tiny kids running around the house swinging swords and leaping through the air like bouncing balls as they imitate the tubbies from the tele…

Show the world that mutant ninjas come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Tubbies t-shirt by Akiwa, they’re like the original TMNT, only creepier!

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