Russian Military Punishes Soldiers By Making Them Carry Large Wooden Props

In Soviet era Russia crimes were punished far more severely than they are today, and soldiers who questioned authority could be shot or sent to work in a Gulag camp for their insubordination.

But Russian soldiers no longer have to fear their lives will be taken by a cruel government, because today’s Russian military punishes you with comedy.

Punished soldiers are forced to carry large wooden props shaped like their crimes- rifles for those who show up without their weapons and iPhones complete with an “official” Apple logo for those caught on their phone.

These comic props make the punished an object of ridicule and add weight to the soldier’s load, forcing them to sweat for their sins. Yakov Smirnoff would have been proud.

See more pics of Russian Army Punishments here

-Via Boing Boing

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