Winnie The Pooh Face Masks Are Giving People Nightmares

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Winnie the Pooh is one of those cute and cuddly characters that should make you feel all warm and fuzzy every time you see him, no matter the incarnation or re-imagining.

But a new line of officially licensed Winnie the Pooh ‘relaxation masks’ are making people pooh their pants in terror, since they look like something a serial killer would wear while they slay.

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Both the Winnie and Eeyore masks make the wearer feel like they’re having a waking heffalump and woozle dream, but they’re face isn’t melting- it’s just the look of a licensed product gone horribly wrong!

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Posting pictures of yourself wearing the frightful mask of Pooh has become a Twitter trend in Japan, where people don’t mind putting a little Pooh on their face for the sake of social media comedy.

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