The Internet Names a Boat

The UK’s Natural Environment Research Council has a new ship. It’s a polar explorer ready to carry 90 scientists and staff to the Arctic and the Antarctic for research expeditions. And they decided to name the boat by an open internet poll. You know how that goes. The current leading name is an awesome one, though: the RRS Boaty McBoatface. Other notable names in the running are:

RRS Usain Boat
RRS Ice Ice Baby
RRS Boat Marley and the Whalers
RRS I Like Big Boats & I Cannot Lie
RRS Pee-Eee Cee Tee

NERC appears to be trying to encourage names like Titan, Orca, Ada Lovelace, or David Attenborough. Good luck with that –Boaty McBoatface is unstoppable, although I really like RRS Pee-Eee Cee Tee. You can suggest a name or place your vote here. This site is overwhelmed right now, but bookmark it, because voting will be open until April 17. Meanwhile, Boaty McBoatface has its own Twitter account. -via Metafilter

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