Would You Pay Fifty Dollars To Watch A New Movie At Home?

The motion picture industry has ironically had a very negative impact on the movie theaters that show their films, and as a result ticket prices keep going up and fewer people are going out to the movies.

In an effort to “fix” this problem some Hollywood filmmakers are backing the Screening Room, a home viewing service which would allow people to watch a movie at home the same day it comes out in theaters.

Viewers would have to buy a set-top box for their home (which costs around $150) that would make new movies available to rent for 48 hours through the anti-piracy equipped box for $50 per flick.

Many big name directors are backing this “bold new vision” of a home based Hollywood movie experience dreamed up by Napster founder Sean Parker, with Peter Jackson being the most vocal in support of the service so far.

But Screening Room is truly dividing audiences and talent alike, and just as many directors, actors and movie fans have come out against the service, saying it will cause even more theaters to close even though theaters will get a cut of the profits.

Read more about how the Screening Room will work here

-Via Gizmodo

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