Gentleman Death – He Has Come To Escort Your Spirit To Eternity

Gentleman Death by Jesse W. Campbell

When Gentleman Death comes calling he’s not looking for an escort to the ball- he’s taking you to a place where mortal bodies cannot go, escorting your spirit to a place where it can live out the rest of eternity in luxury. For the afterlife is one posh place, full of people sitting around in their finest garb even if they couldn’t afford such fancy clothes while they were alive, and Death is the poshest of them all. So when you hear a walking stick tapping along the sidewalk, accompanied by the creaking sound of old bones and ligaments, you’ll know your time has come…

Dress up in geeky style with this Gentleman Death t-shirt by Jesse W. Campbell, it’s an appropriate way to venerate death and may alleviate some people’s fear about the afterlife.

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