Finally, a Tampon That Holds Booze!

Smuggle Your Booze have created tampons that become a nice, convenient, altogether disgusting way to stow your pappy’s moonshine.

(No, they didn’t consider calling it “Hooch in a Cooch” … but they should have.)

What looks like a regular tampon in its packaging is actually a test tube-like container in which you can store your liquid of choice, providing a foolproof way for you to smuggle your favorite, crotch-ready swill into any establishment.

Bloody Marys are not recommended.


Obviously we’re not endorsing this raunchy behavior, but just letting you know the latest ways people have tried to duck an expensive night out.

So, if you want to stealthily carry your drinks, and be seen reaching for your crotch before you sip, these could be the products for you.

Or, you know, you could just go to the bar like a decent, presentable human being.

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