Brandy, Fantasia and Jazmine Sullivan Just Made Melanin March Blacker

When good news drops nowadays, we gotta hold on to it like the last piece of perfectly fried, golden brown, chicken. We gotta hold on to its ankles like the spider monkey of life. And today? We got some GREAT news.

Fantasia aka Tasia Mae aka She Who Will Squall took to Instagram to tell us that Brandy called her about them doing a song together with Jazmine Sullivan.

We don’t have details or anything else but that IG post but we’ll take it. The idea of those 3 powerhouse vocalists together on one song is giving me the vapors. Individually, they sing the house down. Together? They might sing every building in a 10 mile radius into crumbles.

I am SO GLAD that I re-upped on my supply of Jamaican Black Castor Oil this week because they’re about to snatch my edges bald. I’m about to be sans-hairline. My girl Mela Machinko said “GIVE ME TIME TO ORDER BIOTIN FOR WHEN THESE HEFFAS SNATCH ME BALD!!!!!” She better Amazon Prime some and get ready. This ain’t no game outchea.

Whew. You know I’m a longtime fan of B-Rocka. Like, her and I have been going together because of her music since forever. And I still play “Never say Never” like it came out last week. And people are sleep on her “Human” album which is also THE JAM.

Saw Brandy a couple of weeks ago at a brunch honoring her in LA. WE ON!

Saw Brandy a couple of weeks ago at a brunch honoring her in LA. WE ON!

And Tasia? Well, we have a love thang too. Now we follow each other on Twitter so you know this is real.

I told you that we’re gonna have a Black ass year. Now look what Joseph’s stepson done did. FAVOR AIN’T FAIR, SAINTS. It ain’t. Jesus did it. How much Blacker can it get, when Tasia, Brandy and Jaz are collaborating on a song? They are gon SANG all our aches and pains. I want the first note to have me rocking back and forth.

I wouldn’t mind if they decide to go on tour together.

This is gonna be good. I need them to come forth and drop it. Now we wait. I’ma get my iTunes coins ready.

Waiting at the door 2 gif

Oh and did I get tickets to the Fantasia and Anthony Hamilton concert happening in Chicago next month? Ask yourself if the rent is too damb high. YOU BET YOUR ASS. I can’t wait. I’m going in my favorite flats that I can kick off the easiest.

P.S. Get your Black History YEAR tshirt.

Black History Year tshirt

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