8 Unbelievable Quinceañeras

A quinceañera is the Latin American equivalent of a sweet sixteen, celebrated on a girl’s 15th birthday.


The father who threw his daughter a $6 million quinceañera

San Antonio, Texas attorney Thomas J. Henry threw one of the most lavish quinceañeras the world has ever seen for his daughter Maya—even Pitbull and Nick Jonas showed up—and spent a whopping $6 million on the shindig.

A 55,000-square-foot facility was constructed on the Six Flags Fiesta Texas lot to host the party, which featured all the pomp expected from the wealthy family, as well as the surprise cameos. Jonas and Pitbull each gave the packed house of teens a taste of several of their hits including Pitbull’s party songs, “Don’t Stop the Party” and “Give Me Everything.”

The elder Henry feels the party was worth every penny and is taking his online critics in stride: “People have said ‘How could you spend this much money on an event?’ But you just have to take certain comments with a grain of salt.” (Source 1 | Source 2)


The father daughter duo who stunned party guests with their elaborate quinceañera dance

The father daughter duo who stunned party guests with their elaborate quinceañera dance

Most fathers would do anything for their little girl, but one Houston, Texas, dad set the bar pretty high when he performed a choreographed dance routine with his 15-year-old daughter at her June 2015 quinceañera.

When Jasmine Cortinas asked Leonardo Cortinas, a retired US Marine, to perform a surprise hip-hop dance routine alongside her for their 600 party guests, he started practicing. The result is a viral video that shows the duo getting down on the dance floor to songs like “Can’t Touch This,” and “Gangnam Style.”



The sister who was reunited with her brother’s heart during her quinceañera

The sister who was reunited with her brother's heart during her quinceañera

In March 2016, family and friends gathered in Benavides, Texas for Monique Salinas’ quinceañera, but one guest, 18-year old Aubrey Reeves, was Monique’s most cherished present.

Monique’s brother, Mikey, was killed in a car accident in 2006. At around the same time, Aubrey was suffering from a rare congenital heart disease. Her body rejected two previous heart transplants, and doctors said finding a match was as likely as winning the lottery. However, by some miracle, Mikey’s heart and kidneys were perfect matches.

A decade later, Aubrey is still alive, and Mikey’s family invited her to meet and surprise Monique on her special day. (Source)


The man who gave his dog a quinceañera

The man who gave his dog a quinceañera

Every dog has its day, and Angel is no exception.

Several years ago, Mike Chesworth of Phoenix, Arizona told his precious pet poodle that if she lived to be 15-years-old, he would throw her a quinceañera. He stayed true to his word, and Angel was happy to be served some delicious cake in a frilly pink dress. Mike invited all of his closest friends with their pups and surprised everyone with a red carpet, a piñata, and a blow-up jumping castle, and what would a quinceañera be without a Mariachi band? Happy (belated) Birthday Angel! (Source 1 | Source 2)


The officers who threw a quinceañera for the daughter of a terminally ill woman

The officers who threw a quinceañera for the daughter of a terminally ill woman

The LAPD holds a movie night every month at the housing project where Jazmine Delgado lives with her mother, Beatriz. While at the July 2015 event, several officers noticed that the 14-year-old was sitting by herself, so they went over and started talking to her. They learned that Beatriz had terminal brain cancer and couldn’t afford to throw Jazmine a quinceañera. That’s when they decided to give the teen the celebration she deserves.

They started making plans immediately, even though her 15th birthday wasn’t until November because they didn’t know how long they had. Local businesses wanted to get involved, so a clothing store provided Jazmine a dress and shoes, a bakery donated a cake, and the whole party was catered at no cost.

It didn’t stop there. Jazmine was picked up in a limo and taken to and from the party with her family and the Bella Sala Banquet Hall in Los Angeles also gave up a room for the night.

Officers attended in uniform, and one even serenaded the girl of the hour with mariachi music. But Jazmine saved her most special moments for her mom—the two women shed tears as they danced together, celebrating the momentous day Beatriz thought she would never reach. (Source 1 | Source 2)


The girl with a rare genetic disease who surpassed her life expectancy and celebrated her quinceañera

The girl with a rare genetic disease who surpassed her life expectancy and celebrated her quinceañera

Like so many teenage girls, Magali Gonzalez Sierra loves dancing, music, glitter, and makeup. But unlike her friends, she is trapped in the body of a 90-year-old and has already exceeded her life expectancy of 13.

Magali, from Colombia, is one of a few young people around the world to suffer from Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, a fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children. Though she cannot walk and requires intense medication, in January 2016, Magali defied doctors’ expectations to reach her 15th birthday. And it made her quinceañera even more special. (Source)


The pop icon who took a superfan to her quinceañera

The pop icon who took a superfan to her quinceañera

In July 2015, a Belieber celebrated the ultimate quinceañera, which was thrown by Justin Beiber himself.

Bieber appeared on an episode of the Fox show Knock Knock Live to surprise a fan named Ashley. Ashley’s mom explained that her daughter was diagnosed with meningitis, and couldn’t have her quinceañera because of the illness though she had been planning it for years. So, the superfan’s favorite singer threw one for her.

Bieber surprised Ashley at her house with multiple dresses and told her to pick her favorite. Then, he whisked her away to her surprise quinceañera and danced with her to his song “Pray.” For Ashley, her special night with the Biebs was “like a fairy tale come true.” (Source)


The woman who created her cat’s quinceañera gown

The woman who created her cat's quinceañera gown

When San Francisco-based photographer Kira Stackhouse’s cat Ponette turned 15 in 2015, she threw her a quince so cute, you may want one yourself once you check out the photos.

“Since she (Ponette) is my very best friend, I felt that she was very well-deserving of a very memorable party,” Stackhouse said. “Ponette has blossomed in the past few years, and 15 is quite an accomplishment, so a quinceañera seemed like the perfect way to celebrate!”

Not only did Stackhouse design and sew the entire dress, but she also created custom jewelry for the pampered pet. (Source)

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