The Best Political Memes to Get Us Through This 2016 Election

…because we still have what seems like sooo much longer do go in this election and, well, the hysterical memes just keep on coming. From potential future president Trump (gulp) to all things Bernie, Hillary, Ted, and Marco we’ve rounded up some of the funniest political memes of the 2016 presidential election season. Check back regularly for updates because this. will. never. end.

1.  Because, to be honest, this makes us kind of excited:

Bill Clinton Political Memes 2016

2.  Because we want to build a wall around that:

Funny Donald Trump Political Memes 2016

3.  Because this is never not funny:

I'm Not Kidding Maddi Meme 2016 - Hillary Clinton

4.  Because we’re pretty sure we’d watch this:

Funny Bernie Sanders Political Memes 2016

5.  Because it’s funny ‘cuz it’s true:

Best Political Memes of 2016

6.  Because we’re not entirely sure if this is supposed to be funny or not:

Funny Hillary Clinton Political Memes 2016

7.  Because #Truth:

Funny GOP Memes 2016

8.  Because these are 4 more reasons other countries hate us:

Funny Presidential Memes 2016

9.  Because this scares…everyone:

Funny Ted Cruz Political Memes 2016

10.  Because it basically is like a comic strip:

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump Political Meme 2016

11.  Because our mind was just blown:

Funny Donald Trump Hair & Orange Face Memes 2016

12.  Because at this point we’d consider it just for the future SNL skits alone:

Funny Bill Clinton Political Memes 2016

13.  Because First World problems…

Funny Hillary Clinton Struggle Bus Memes 2016

14.  Because…awwww…poor Jeb:

Jeb Bush Political Memes 2016

Plus:  100 More Funny Memes We Love in 2016

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