Summer Dreaming: Best Mens Swim Trunks & Bathing Suits for 2016

…because all your hard work this past year has finally paid off and you’re ready to flaunt your new vacation-ready body…or you just got good at sucking it in.

Summer may still be ways away, but that doesn’t mean our vacation plans are over.  We started eating healthy (11 minutes ago) and are ready to jump into the latest swimwear of the season and escape this miserable weather.  Whether you’re looking to try out the 6″ short bathing suit or some standard board shorts, it’s all about variety.  Toss on a floral pattern or turtle print and show those waves who’s boss…and look great whilst doing so. Shop our 15 favorite swim trunks of the 2016 season:

1.  Frescobol Carioca Bright Blue Swim Trucks – Buy It Here For $220


Buy Now On Sale: $220

2.  Turtle Print Mid-Length Swim Trunks by Vilebrequin – Buy It Here For $270

Turtle Swim Trunks by Vilebrequin for 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $270

3.  Saturdays Surf NYC Slim Fit Red Print Bathing Suit – Buy It Here For $70


Buy Now On Sale: $70

4.  Blue and Grey Stripe Swimsuit with Adjustable Waist – Buy It Here For $75


Buy Now On Sale: $75

5.  Hartford Mid-Length Swim Trunks in Pink – Buy It Here For $180

Buy Now On Sale: $180

6.  Saturdays Surf NYC Navy Print Swim Shorts  – Buy It Here For $85

Saturdays Surf NYC Navy Swim Trunks 2016 for Men

Buy Now On Sale: $85

7.  Ipanema Print Elastic Waist Bathing Suit – Buy It Here For $220


Buy Now On Sale: $220

8.  Navy Stripe 9″ Board Shorts – Buy It Here For $48


Buy Now On Sale: $48

9.  Shades of Blue Stripe Swim Trunks by Saturdays NYC – Buy It Here For $75

Blue Stripe Swim Shorts for Men 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $75

10.  Orange Tab 7″ Swim Shorts in Star-Like Pattern – Buy It Here For $42

J Crew Orange Swim Trunks for Men 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $42

11.  Thom Browne Striped Seersucker Summer Bathing Suit – Buy It Here For $285

Thom Browne Seersucker Swimwear for Men 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $285

12.  Honeycomb Patterned Swim Trunks in Navy Blue & White – Buy It Here For $42

Navy Blue & White Pattern Swim Trunks for Men Summer 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $42

13.  Navy Striped 9″ Board Shorts for Men – Buy It Here For $65

board shorts 2015 bathing suit j crew

Buy Now On Sale: $65

14.  Red Color Block Board Shorts – Buy It Here For $45


Buy Now On Sale: $45

15.  Ice Cream Cone Design Swim Shorts by Designer Paul Smith – Buy It Here For $160

Designer Swim Trunks by Paul Smith for Men 2016

Buy Now On Sale: $160


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