I love Nebraska…

For so many reasons.

Donald Trump didn’t win its primary. Marlon Brando is from there. So is Larry the Cable Guy. They have an organization in Hollywood, the Nebraska Coast Connection to support fellow Nebraskans in the industry. And even invited me to be a speaker one month.

They produce great beef, have awesome fossil beds, and host the College World Series.

And now, as if I didn’t love this state before (and remember, I’m not running for anything)…

A recent survey was taken to determine which television series was binge-watched the most in every state. For Nebraska, it was CHEERS. I love you, people! (And shame on you, Massachusetts. GAME OF THRONES? I don’t recall that show being set in Boston. BREAKING BAD topped New Mexico.)

Interestingly, when you look at the map, CHEERS is the oldest series to be most binge-watched. Only TERRIERS led in two states. And some of the series chosen I would never have guessed. THE BERNIE MAC SHOW? GRACE AND FRANKIE?

And media darlings like TRANSPARENT and GIRLS were nowhere to be found.

In any event, thank you, Nebraska. And allow me to return the favor. From now on I am buying nothing but Wanda Muffin Mix, Oak Creek Farm Blue Corn Chips, Dorothy Lynch Salad Dressing, and of course Heavenly Jalapeno Jelly. Go Cornhuskers!

Thanks to reader Jason Roberts for alerting me of this story.

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