21 Perfectly Acceptable Answers To Being Asked “How’s Life?”

Question: “So, how’s life?”

2. Question: “How you holdin’ up?”

3. Question: “How’s life treating you?”

4. Question: “How’s work?”

6. Question: “How’re things going?”

8. Question: “Everything good?”

10. Question: “What have you been up to?”

12. Question: “Have a lot of success recently?”

14. Question: “How was your day?”

16. Question: “Everything OK?”

18. Question: “What’s new?”

20. Question: “Any new hobbies?”

22. Question: “How’s everything been going for you?”

24. Question: “How are things?”

25. Question: “How’re you handling life?”

27. Question: “How’s everything been?”

29. Question: “Everything going smoothly?”

31. Question: “What’s going on?”

33. Question: “Life been good to you lately?”

35. Question: “Things been good?”

37. Question: “So, how’s li—”

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